Saturday, July 16, 2005


So last night I was laying in my bed watching a John Mayor concert on etv. I'm a huge fan of John Mayor because he is one of the best guitar players that has come onto the scene in the past five years, and he has an extremely unique voice to go along with his awesome lyrics. Anyways, as I was watching his concert the girls in the crowd caught my eye. I noticed that most of them there were the kind that were only there because they think that John Mayor is cute or because they think it's cool to go to concerts or because they were trying to be something they're not. It really began to bother me. Especially after John had just finished this extremely difficult and yet wildly terrific guitar break and had just gone back into the song "Neon," well, all of the fake girls in the audience went wild. Now, I'm not saying everyone there was fake, but there were some and the ones that were, were the ones that were going absolutely too crazy. I mean that probably would have rushed the stage, had they had the chance. It drove me mad because they probably don't know how hard that guitar break really was, the difference between a G cord and a D cord, and how hard it is to actually play the guitar decently, let alone as rockin as John does. Okay, so to make themselves even more fake, these girls went crazy when John brought on a guest player. The guest player was some big blues artist, but I didn't even reconize him and neither did my Dad, which is saying alot because this was our kind of music. Well, when this gentleman walked out on stage all of the girls went crazy, again. It was rediculious. I mean, I LOVE the blues and I even own Eric Clapton's Crossroads DVD, but I didn't even know who this guy was, so I know the girls in the crowd that were there for all of the wrong reasons had no idea who he was. UGH!!!! It's stuff like that really erks me. I hate fake people. They'll never amount to anything!!

*PEACE*~ shut up and listen! it might actually stand a chance!

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Sun, Sand, and Skimboarding

Well, I am at the beach, and I'm loving it! I only get to come once a year seeing as I live five hours away from the nearest one. It's really nice here, and it's a much needed, long vacation. I have worked way too much for my own good, and now it is time for me to relax. Everyone deserves those times. Now, whether or not people actually take them, is up to them. If you are one of these people who has not been able to enjoy themselves for your own personal reason, then I hope to shed a little light onto your dark summer. Just think of it as if I am bringing the sun, sand, and surf, or in my case skimboarding, to you through this post. There are two things I hate about coming to the beach. One, the traveling because I get carsick, and two, I hate to leave. As for that, I enjoy myself to the fullest, and then some.

Today, I went to the old slave market in Charleston. It just amazes me that people use to buy and sell thousands of slaves there. Now, it's just a great place to go and find unique gifts that no one else in Tennessee has. That's probably my favorite reason for going. Well, that and the atmosphere of it all. The only reason I went today was because the weather channel was calling for rain from hurricane Dennis. It never rained, but it was cloudy so I guess today was as good a day to go as any other would have been. All I am hoping for is loads of sun. I don't want Dennis to ruin my vacation by sending all of its rain this way. Luckily it's headed up towards the Mississippi. The only reasons I say that this is good is because it will miss Isle of Palms, which is where I'm at, and it will send much needed rain to my grandparents farm in Nashville.

I love being able to relax. Today, alone, I have already written a whole chapter for my book and typed it, and I hope to write more, seeing as the night is still young. So far, this book is coming along nicely. I have my beloved cousin helping with the editing and giving me suggestions on what to do with the rougher sections. Okay, so right now it's only three chapters long, but out of all of the other books that I've tried to start writing, three chapters is a lot more. I do hope to finish this one, though, and even get it published. I have finished one book out of the hundreds that I've started but never gone anywhere with them. Only, the one that I finished is sitting at home on my bookshelf. I've not even typed it, and this is mostly because I don't plan on ever getting it published and it's 210 handwritten pages. That is just too much work so I plan on just keeping it kept nicely in its binder. It's more so a keep sake, and also being able to say that I've actually started, written, and finished writing an entire book, no matter how bad it may be.

Seeing as I am on vaction, this will probably be my only entry. However, I may surprise myself and end up posting again before leaving. If not, I hope you all enjoy yourselves, and I will post again on Saturday night for sure.

*PEACE*~ shut up and LISTEN! it might actually STAND a chance.

Friday, July 08, 2005


Do you ever have those times when you smell a certain smell and it just brings back a thousand memories to mind? Well, I had one of those tonight. I was driving home after having dinner with a friend, and I was on this back road when a light smell would tickle my nose and cause me to visit the past. It was the smell that you get when you unroll a tent after it has been put away from several months/years on end. Almost a musty, but not gross, smell. Although it only lasted for no more than thirty seconds, I loved it because it brought back both memories from my childhood camping trips and from my trip to Bonnaroo this summer. It was great and much enjoyed. Has anyone else every experienced this feeling?

*Peace*~ shut up and listen! it might actually stand a chance

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Why War?

Okay, so there was a bombing in London today. I had no idea about it until about four this afternoon because I was out of the house until then, plus I don't watch the news or listen to the radio. Anyways, the first thing that came to mind when I heard about it was the safety of my pen pal who happens to live in London. He e-mailed me to tell me that he's safe.

This post is not about my pen pal, though. I want to discuss the whole bombing incident. Okay, I'm not completely up to date with eveything that happened. All I know is that 37 innocent people are dead because of it. What I want to know, is other than some people's complete hate for America and our ideas/motives, why did they do this? I know that there are people who are angry about the war, and believe me, I'm not happy about it, but you don't see me killing innocent people who have nothing to do with the war, now do you? I also understand that the G8 talks have people upset, but that is in Glasgow, Scotland, not London. It just confuses me is probably the best way to say it. See, I am a very peaceful person, and I believe that the world could achieve peace if everyone would just shut up and listen to other's opinions. That is that only way peace has a chance, so when I hear of these bombings and see the effects that the war is having, it makes me sick. I can't stand for people to be killed over silly notions and pride. I can't stand for people to be killed over oil and hidden secrets that are thought that normal citizens won't understand. It makes no sense. Ofcourse, I guess if pointless wars and deaths don't make any sense to me, then my notion of peace doesn't make sense to anyone. So, I guess that's that.

*PEACE* SHUT UP and listen!!! it MIGHT actually stand a chance!!

go see Daily Dancer

Okay, so I have been wondering around this site, waiting to hear whether or not I have to go to work, looking for blogs that might grab my intrest, and I found one!! It's by this guy that calls himself Daily Dancer. Well, I was curious to see what it was because I dance myself, but imagine my surprise when I clicked on the video to see a guy call thestick just goofing off in true Nepolean Dynomite fashion. It was hilarious!!! Everyone deffinately needs to check this site out because it provides a well needed, and much deserved, daily laugh.

*Peace* shut up and listen! it might actually stand a chance.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

fresh start

I already have one blog, well it's sort of a blog, on Xanga, but everyone there knows me and knows what to expect so I decided to do something new. A fresh start, where no one knows who I am or what I'm about. The only way to discover who I am is to read what I write and then conjure up an opinion.

I am working on a book. It's close to being the hundreth that I've started, but I think it will be the second that I've finished. The only thing is that I can't find time to write. When I was younger all I would do is sit around and write the day away, but now I work and I'm always on the go. I hate it because I feel that my creative side is taking a backseat to the things in life that I can't stand. See, for me writing is an escape to worlds unseen or unknown to everyone but me. They are the worlds and lives that I create and control. If something doesn't go right all I have to do is mark it out and try again. I love it!! It just expands my mind and allows me to explore the cracks and corners of my mind. Sometimes it's scary, but most of the time it's exciting, and I usually can't wait to revisit those places. It's a chance to close off all of the world and just relax in perfect peace, the one thing that I am constantly seeking. That is why I write.

I love to think, and I always seem to have something on my mind. Now whether or not it is of any significance or if it will change the world, I don't know, but what I do know is that I am always wanting to write what is on my mind but I haven't been able to on Xanga because of the whole "everyone knowing me" deal. There is just so much flowing through my mind that it's crazy. An example:
Right now, while I am writing on this blog, I have found some people on another site that are obsessed with being skinny and pretty, and I'm not talking about people who actually need to lose weight. I'm talking about girls that are 15 and 17, weigh 98 or less, no more than 5'5", and yet they are still wanting to lose weight. They fast, count calories, work-out to the extremes, and then they cut themselves down. WHY?!? They already look sick and boney, and there is nothing left of them. Don't they know that they are only hurting themselves, and that real people in this world are not walking sticks that are obsessed with what goes in thier mouths?? Okay, I know I'm not perfect, and no one in this world is!!, but I'm not obsessed with what I eat or how much I weigh. All I'm worried about is being healthy, and I think that is all anyone should worry about when it comes to what they eat or how much they weigh. I mean these girls are going to vanish within a year, maybe two. Why can't they see that they are slowly killing themselves and only making themselves miserable by doing this? They need serious help, and I wish that, either themselves or their parents, would realize this and do something about it because otherwise they are going to continue with this self tourture and eventually die.

Okay, I think I have said enough for my opening post. I'm sorry if I have offended anyone with the last paragraph, but if you are someone who is suffering like the two girls that I speak of, and you are offended, then I think that you need to take my words to heart and get help. G'night to all, and I hope to hear from some you.

*PEACE* ~ SHUT UP and listen!! it might actually stand a chance